Membership Benefits

Our Ghostbusters membership accompanies all flagger and poster packages. Our Ghostbusters membership includes the 30 part online business course as well as free scripts and free software! These Tutorials include:

  • Main ~ introduction to our course. Basic ins and outs of the software, and the principals of Craigslist and how it's best put to use.
  • Flagging ~ how to flag with the software effectively. How to avoid bad ip's, and how to be the most effective with the least effort.
  • Ghost Protocol ~ your main problem is not flaggers, it's your softblocked account! We illuminate the path to a bullet proof account.
  • Posting ~ we go into different methods and aspects of posting. If you post wrong, your a ghost. If you post differently, you will come up 10X as often.
  • Proxy's ~ we all need geoip specific solutions. We reveal the difference between ip's, access points, and subnets. We tell you what you need, and how to get it.
  • How to write ads ~ we make the best ads on Craigslist, hands down. We show you special secret codes you can use to pop your ad out very easily, and more.
  • Real Estate ~ introduction to the basics of posting Real Estate, all the basic do's and don'ts with advanced techniques that will put you at the top!
  • Servers ~ want full control? We go into how and why servers work, and give you instructions to blind and trick your competition from ever even seeing your ads!
  • RSS Feeds ~ real simple syndicate. How you can monitor all your markets without even lifting a finger. The ads just pop up on your phone as they are placed!
  • Blogs ~ what if your competition posted unique content all over your blog? What if their ads were rewritten with your numbers and hotlinked to your sites instantly?
  • Phone Tips ~ shut someone's phone off, filter and record your calls, track your commissions, catch your competitors when they call your business to snoop.
  • Search ~ search form for searching multiple Craigslist cities all at once.
  • Email Scrapers ~ how to apply our Zion series email scraper along with the free bulk mailer program for very cheap marketing. Send hundreds of emails to clients.
  • Macros ~ how to create auto dialers, auto posters, auto anything really. Use software to control software, and multiply your effectiveness.
  • Members FAQ ~ if you thought our website faq was enlightening, imagine what we saved for our members. Answers to questions you haven't even asked yet.
  • WordPress ~ introduction to wordpress. Did you know, wordpress has over 500 plugins? Do you have any idea how sophisticated it has become? Free A.I.
  • PVA's ~ never buy pva's again. We tell you how they are made. With this information, you could go into business. Many already have.
  • Graphics ~ beginners graphics tutorial will send you in the right direction to create your own really cool undetectable Craigslist video ads.
  • Video ~ beginners instructions how to compress your video properly without losing quality or wasting time uploading. Step one of the Craigslist video ad.
  • Software ~ a list of all the software we can't live without. When you read what we use it for, you wont want to be without it either. Lots of free stuff here.
  • Advanced~ open up your browser's full capabilities so you can run multiple flaggers while your also logged into multiple accounts with out any performance issues.
  • Wardriving~ how to wardrive without leaving home for less than $100, home made equipment as well as some great economical commercial grade WiFi sniffers that will grab signals for up to 20 km, and redistribute WiFi to every device in your home network.
  • Philosophy ~ underlying everything in life is a reason. This trade we are in is largely psychological. Some know more psychology than others. But, you must get to know the source if you want to be a sorcerer. You must know thyself if you want to be able to see further than everyone else and have a true, unshakeable clear advantage. Find out the real business model behind the database that is Craigslist, and you will be right on track with the ability to anticipate their moves. In our extensive Craigslist tutorials, we reveal insights as to what they are actually doing, and what very very old business model they are modeling their database after.

Additional Craigslist Software Products & Trinity (All-in-one) Bundle

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